Words of Wisdom: Nacko Ball

Drizzle and Staker here.

It’s 1:34 in the morning and Rick Ross is on Jimmy Fallon.  We would like to introduce you to someone who is far superior to Rick Ross and Jimmy Fallon.  His name is Nacko Ball.  He is not from Southie, but he fulfills our minimum requirement of 1/8th Cherokee.  Here is his statement:

Been in NYC for less than a day.  I had to pay $8 for a PBR tall boy.  Everyone is either a Mets fan or a Yankees fan.  It’s like Hell if Hell had great Thai food.

Steinbrenner Dead. Nation Rejoices.

He's dead. Yes I did.

Well, George Steinbrenner is dead.  May the Devil sodomize him slowly, yet powerfully.  Now, The Drizzle is a Red Sox fan, but I’m not really a big Yankee-Hater.  Like everyone, I look forward to seeing them come up on the schedule, but there isn’t really the pure hatred that I see in the hearts of others.  As I listen to WEEI, Dale Arnold is saying that he is saddened by the loss of Steinbrenner, and I’m sure most of Red Sox Nation will echo those regards.  But I know that is a lot of bullshit.  You were all secretly loving the fact that Georgie was sitting down in Florida, laying down on a vibrating lady bug that his sons found in The Weekly Special.  That’s why you have your boy, The Drizzle.  I will say all of the things you are too much of a pussy to say yourself.  You’re welcome, children.

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