Staker’s Guide to Recession-Proof Living

Yesterday morning, the Associated Press reported that economic growth in this country slowed to a rate of 1.6%. But hey, it’s still growing, right?

Actually, reports that Ben Bernanke is now weeping softly in a broom closet over at the Fed while Larry Summers and Tim Geithner play Russian roulette in the Capitol rotunda may contradict that positive outlook. On the bright side, America has rediscovered its love for Ramen noodles and self-loathing. Continue reading

Watch Out For the Brown Acid

Our good buddy Scott Brown resurfaced in the news today. Like one of those underground desert tarantulas, he emerged from the dirt and braved the scorching heat of Tea Party chagrin in order to chomp on the tasty winged insect of opportunistic political maverickdom. Continue reading