Southie Park: Hey, At least we’re really from Southie

Fuck you, Real Housewives of South Boston!  This project was born down on A Street and raised up on B street.

Graduate Student Compares Spring Semester to ‘The Good Hotchkins’

Well it was a tough few months for your boy, The Drizzle, but I made it out with minimally one bleeding ulcer.  It’s funny how things change as you step out of the classroom for the last time.  Life turns into that great old racist Disney movie, Song of the South. Except this time, me and Uncle Remus pop a couple greenies and get shit-faced at Remington’s.

Me and Uncle Remus

I missed out on a lot this semester, but I also learned some pretty valuable lessons.  For instance, did you know Michael Jackson died?  I was like, “Whoa.”  That was a hit.  I have a back order of snide comments to make about several news items that are way too late to be too soon, but still valuable lessons all the same.  So without further adieu, children, I present Notable Quotables from The Drizzle.

Item Number 1: If you marry a successful, girl-next-door-sexy actress who just won the academy award AND you decide to adopt a brown baby from New Orleans with her…Don’t bend this girl over your coffin couch!

See?  TMZ is good for something.

I mean, srsly...

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