Missed Connections


“We met last night at Avenue at the bar. You were there by yourself, had a tab at the bar and drinking champagne. You told me you lived on 23rd and 10th.

I liked your shoes and your purse… you liked my shirt and my jeans/shoes combination. I was the Dominican pisces that lived in hell’s kitchen… :)

We both went to look for the bathroom and then I couldn’t find you again that night. I really digged your vibe and want to connect with you again.

If this is you let’s keep the vibe going and see where it takes us..?”

Dear Dominican Pisces,

Ah..the “I need to find the bathroom ploy”! We lose you suckers to that one every time. Drinking champagne could care less about your jeans/shoes combination and are more interested in your stock portfolio/wallet size combo. Take your “vibe” back to 1976 where it belongs and give up on this one. She is never coming back from the bathroom.

She probably doesn’t like your kind anyway…