Dennis Hopper: He’s Dead Too.

It’s difficult to put into perspective just how significant Dennis Hopper’s life was.  Sure, he was no Gary Coleman, Cory Haim, or even Boner from Growing Pains.  Dennis Hopper was a man that found success in Easy Rider and parlayed it into a million dollar project where he was able to get effed up in Peru for months (See The Last Movie).

I never loved Dennis Hopper.  I never imagined him giving me fictional advice as I do with John Stamos and JJ from Good Times. However, I will remember that terrifying night when I laid in bed, staring at the ceiling after I watched Blue Velvet for the first time.

If Harrison Ford has the best weed in Hollywood, then Dennis Hopper has the best coke in Heaven.

See you soon, Denny.

<3 The Drizzle