How To Go Down Swinging in 2010: By A Very Weary Drizzle.

Karma, you've owed me since Father Bonaventure...

The past month has been mad aggy for your boy, The Drizzle.  I have seen a grown-ass woman deconstruct a pepper grinder and cut herself seven times on the wrist.  I have seen heartache, suicide attemps, and even a Jewish comedian point to an Italian guy and say, “Hey Gino, how’d your day go? (If you need me to explain that, then you don’t deserve to understand the joke.)

That being said, I feel that I deserve the right to lift my heroin needle up high as the ball drips on New Year’s and without any protest be able to say, “2010 sucked the motherfuckin’ cock-clastic-cock (true alliteration) of all time!”  …And it’s only September… So I decided to think about the next few months and the ways that things could go wrong for any of us….So without further adieu, I present:


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The Sunday Paper

Oh shit, velociraptor on a bicycle!

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Post Mortem: St. Paddy’s Day 2010

Well, four days late and several hundreds of dollars short, we find ourselves on the other side of Bachus’ most important day, disguised as an innocent Catholic celebration of a wonderful man named Patrick.  I think he drove child molesters out of Ireland in the 60’s or something.

Rare footage of the 2010 bender

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