Two libertarians walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Get your own drink.”

When I worked in the service industry, I used to hear from a lot of people that the number one faux-pas of the job was to openly discuss politics.  The implicit reason, of course, was that you never know who you’re talking to, and you might make somebody angry.   Continue reading

The Strange Smell in the Room: Is it You?

It’s the end of February, and it’s been almost three months since I left my apartment for something other than food, class, or a night of getting blackout-drunk enough to not feel like the winter is pushing my soul through a colander made of frozen shit. Not only am I developing a pretty majestic beer gut from all this sitting around, but I’ve arrived at a point where I have to wear sunglasses whenever I leave the house, even if it’s cloudy. Salinger wasn’t this much of a recluse. If it weren’t for TV, I might have forgotten how to say words by now.
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