The Southie Dictionary

Sugar Shack Southie Lingo

  • fuckthatitude
  • trevor [trev-er]


1.  a weak spirited man, or pussy.

“I asked my friend to come out for a drink, but he was with his girlfriend, so I said, “Don’t be a trevor.”

  • quadro
  • zeltsered

Local Slang

  • 30-rack [thur-tee-rak]


Referring to a case of beer.

“Who’s gonna run to Dorgan’s for another 30-rack of PBR?”

  • barrel [bar-uhl]


A garbage can or pail.

“Those emm-effing yuppies next door never pull their barrels into the alley.”

  • boss [baws, bos]


Referring to a two-litre bottle bottle of tonic.

“Don’t forget to order a boss of Pepsi when you call Lando’s.”

  • bubbler [buhb-ler]


A water fountain, or water dispensing appliance.

“Gloria, get me some water from the bubbler, would ya honey?”

  • carriage [kar-ij]


A four-wheeled push-cart designed for transporting groceries or babies.

“Take those Hebrew Nationals out of the carriage, we’re getting the Fenway Franks”

“Put the baby in the carriage and take her out the island for some Sullies.”

  • cellar [sel-er]


A basement.

“Go get some Narragansets from the cellar.”

  • clicker [klik-er]


A remote control device for television, garage door, stereo, etc…

“God, I can’t stand Leno, where’s the clicker?”

  • frappe [frap]


A milkshake.

“Brigham’s had the best chocolate frappes.”

  • jimmies

-noun, plural

Sprinkles used on icecream.

“When I was six, I always asked for jimmies on my icecream.”

  • packie [pak-ee]


A liquor store.

“Pick up some Jame-O when you go to the packie for more PBR.”

  • parlor [pahr-ler]


a room for functions or entertainment.  A living room, family room, or den.

“Go in the parlor and see if uncle Dickie needs another dimey glass.”


Coffee with cream and sugar.

“Yeah, can I get a blueberry muffin and a regular coffee?”

  • rotary [roh-tuh-ree]


A circular interection, requiring a self-defined rule of entrance.  Also known as a circle or roundabout.

“Be careful when you hit the rotary.  You’re supposed to stop before you go in.”

  • Southie Shuffle [south-ee] [shuhf-uhl]


An act by which one or more South Bostonians force a victim to the ground and kick him/her repeatedly.

“If you don’t give me that double burger, I’m gonna give you a Southie Shuffle.”


The act of giving a Southie Shuffle.

“Kenny and Jody were all coked up and Southie Shuffled a guy outside of Striggy’s”

  • spuckie [spuk-ee]


A sandwich made on a sub roll.  A submarine sandwich or hoagie.

“The best spuckie I ever had was a chicken parm from Joseph’s.”

  • statey [state-ee]


A state police officer.

“That statey was such a prick when he pulled me over.”

  • tonic [ton-ik]


Soda, pop, or soda-pop.

“I gotta pick up some more tonic when I go to Flanagan’s.”

  • wicked [wik-id]


1.  Extremely, very, muchly.

“This coffee is wicked hot.”

2.  permitting a positive sensation.  Cool.

“I got some wicked sneakers from Jonesie’s”

Geographic Locations

The Bathhouse:  The James Michael Curley Recreation Center, or L Street Bathhouse.  Covers the area of the beach between K Street and M Street.

Comm Ave:  Commonwealth Avenue; runs west from the Public Garden past BU, past BC, and presumably into Newton.

Dot:  The neighborhood of Dorchester.  Likewise, Dot Ave is Dorchester Avenue.

The Edison:  The power plant on L Street near the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.

The Island:  Castle Island.  Used to be an island, now connected to Southie by two causeways, one of which features the Sugar Shack (the structure, not the blog).

JP:  The Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain.

The Lower End:  Southie to the west of Dorchester Heights, or to the west of Perkins Square.  As opposed to the Point.

The People’s Republic:  Nickname for the City of Cambridge; reference to its political liberalism.

The Pike:  I-90, the Massachusetts Turnpike.

The Point:  City Point, or Southie to the east of Dorchester Heights/Perkins Square.  As opposed to the Lower End.

Rozzie:  The Boston neighborhood of Roslindale.

Slummaville:  Neighboring city of Somerville.

The Sugar Shack:  The structure on the causeway out to Castle Island.  Featured in the graphic above.

Sully’s:  Sullivan’s, a hamburger and hot dog (and so much more) stand at Castle Island.

The T:  The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or MBTA.  You might call it the subway, the underground, the El, the M, the train, or the bus, but you would be wrong.  It’s the T.