Forget Dave Zeltserman. Pabst Blue Ribbon, You’re on The Shit List!

Okay, okay…Thanks to Dave Zeltserman for checking out the site…and thanks to his adoring fans for posting their comments.  However this is not 9/11, so I’m not going to take a serious tone with the music that played in the background when Danny Tanner talked to DJ about getting her first period.  Journalistic integrity and all that…blah blah…as I said in one of our first posts.  WE GET DRUNK AND SHOOT OUR MOUTHS OFF.

More importantly, I had to come home to this!

Quite possibly mankind's greatest atrocity.

Why the hell would PBR make a light beer?  I know a lot of people.  I drink PBR with a lot of people.  None of these people drink light beer, nor do they care at all about their bodies.  Why the hell would you make PBR Light, PBR?  I even defended Special Export, but now this?  No excuse. Unprofessional.  I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.  I have the right to walk into a liquor store half on the bag and pick up a 30 rack of PBR without having to worry about choosing the right kind of PBR.  There is only one kind of PBR for me, and it does not include fewer calories.  It pains me to say this, but PBR, you’re on The Shit List…atleast until St. Patty’s day.

As for Staker:  We follow the Always Sunny paradigm, and he is the ultimate Wild Card.  Think about it…The A Team did it…Scooby Doo did it…The Ghost Busters did it…Hallelujah, Holy Shit!