Jersey Shore-of-the-Congo

Updated results of the Jersey Shore vote, as of 3:47pm on Thursday, February 4th:

The Congo: 47%
Detroit: 40%
Cabo: 9%
Southie: 3%
Miami: 1%
Ibiza: 0%
Skywalker Ranch: 0%
The Hills of LA: 0%

Oh, let it be Congo. If there’s a God, it’ll be Congo.

I’m imagining the unholy bastard child of The Real World and Survivor, a cultural mind-fuck taking place in the slums of Kinshasa. No lasagna for miles. No running water. Bad itches in all the wrong places. Uncontrollable diarrhea. They work in a uranium mine. Their boss is this guy:


And then they all get cholera, and that’s when things really get crazy.

Now that’s reality TV. For the third season, how about Peshawar?