A new way to get murdered is a simple site that mirrors day to day life:  You go around, bumping into people that you don’t want to talk to, and every once in a while you run into a dick or two.

In about fifteen years, posting naked pictures of yourself on social network spaces like Facebook and YouTube will be a right of passage.  They will be no more outrageous than naked baby pictures.  Somewhere out in Web 2.0 land, there is a simple little site that allows people to chat -at random- via webcam with anyone around the world.

It could be a place where we learn about language and culture.  We could enter into intellectual discourse with the foremost scholars and philosophers of the day…but like everywhere else on the internet, its pretty much its a place where horny men go to jerk off.

As I see now, there’s no law preventing me from creating a shared experience with you kids, so without further adue,

I present to you: Caught on

Am I a part of the post-coital cuddling or am I just eye-candy during foreplay

Dude, wtf are you doing?

You know that kid ain't getting laid

A cute blond with a nice rack is not the norm at

Uncle Ray???

Uncle Ray!!!

Didn't get to talk to this one. Wonder what daddy did to her...

His chest kinda looks like a bunny rabbit

You know that he's gonna f&^% that thing.. goddamn.furries.

Right back at ya buddy. Atleast I'm not the douche with his shirt off, flipping off a half-haitian beagle.