Beer Review: Samuel Adams Noble Pils

Do you remember when we were kids, and they had those fruit snacks that would spray a viscous liquid of diabetes-causing ultra-high fructose corn syrup when you bit down on them?  It’s kind of like that…

Indeed, The Boston Beer Company’s latest creation, Noble Pils, is a mighty tasty brew.  It’s like Sam Adams himself whipped out his 8-inch hop floret, and sprayed a generous amount of hoppy goodness in your mouth.  The twist to this recipe is the use of all 5 Noble Hops.  Noble Hops are aromatic, citrusy buds that can be found in European beers like Octerberfest, Bitters, and Pilsners.

By using all of the Noble family, the beer is packed with flavor.  If you’ve ever tasted Balantine XXX Ale, you would notice close similarities.  On first pour, it looks to be an American lager like PBR or Narragansett, but when you take a sniff, you can smell the citrus acidity with a with the freshness of a fresh picked hop.  That freshness carries over to the taste.  It is certainly a hoppy brew, somewhat similar to the bite of a Harpoon IPA or Goose Island’s Honker’s Ale, but with a different malt texture.

If you are a fan of IPA’s or lightly malted ales, I encourage you to check out Noble Pils.

And to finish off with another sodomy reference: It also gives good head.

<3 The Drizzle