We Are The World 25 causes mass suicide in Haiti

Misters Richie and Jones,

The way with which you forced it by producing We Are The World 25 can be summed up in two words: Way Agro.  WTF guys?!

Vince Vaughn? WTF??

Vince Vaughn? WTF??

That was perhaps the shittiest f%*^ing shit I have seen since Hulk Hogan hosted American Gladiators.  First of all, no matter how many synthesizers you put over Lil’ Wayne’s voice, IT STILL SOUNDS AWFUL.  And why would you give a cough syrup abusing DUMBASS the spotlight over Snoop, Musiq Soulchild, Akon…Hell,throw John Oates back in there!

The hip-hop part was such obvious unmotivated, thrown together pandering that I could hardly believe it wasn’t produced by white people.  AHHH!!! THIS WAS AWFUL!!!  I would say it could only be made worse if they carted out Michael Jackson’s rotting corpse, BUT THEY DID THAT TOO!!!

Seriously guys, how long did it take you to put that together on Garage Band?  Like a half hour?  Is Nicole Richie out of a job?  Did you pay her in pills to do the final mix down?  I highly encourage all of you to boycott this abortion of a charitable gesture.  Donate your money elsewhere, because if this is successful, it will surely keep all of these assholes around for another 25 years.

PS  WTF is Wyclef doing at the end, screaming like Tarzan?  Seriously, did they not tell these people they were remaking We Are The World?  Or did they just tell them to make a bunch of sounds and splice it into the old version?

I just threw up in my mouth a little.