Missed Connection

We met at that kid from NYUs loft. He had about 30 people over. You kept complimenting me on my eyes and asking to feel my arms, and asking if I worked out. Anyways, towards the end of the night, you followed me into the bathroom when I was trying to take a piss, and gave me an incredible #$@$^. After I finished, you left the bathroom. By the time I had put my pants back on, and left the bathroom, you had left the party.

I have one of your converse sneakers. How did you walk home without it? If you read this- I really want to know your name. Maybe we can get together sometime and you can get your sneaker back.

If this was you, message me back what the tattoo on my left thigh says

It’s come to this now has it. Tip, girls that follow men into the bathroom to surprise them with “”, are not the same girls checking missed connections. They are in another bathroom with another unsuspecting, tattooed loser. Really, your thigh? How very sensitive and poetic, probably why she left the bathroom so quick. Come on man! Have you seen the other bathrooms in NYC. Who knows what urinals she’s been hiding in.

Just gross.