Darker Than Middle Africa

I have this recurring dream that I’m in a cave surrounded by water.  I enter the cave insecurely and I hear voices excited as I’m entering.  I retreat, nervously, that I need to confront those within the cave.  Eventually I enter the cave and its warm, warm water.  I relax within and let the cave masters take me into the next cavern.  I feel as if I’m foolishly following a Zork trap, almost self-determinately ruining my chances, but also knowing intellectually that I have no choice.  The cave is my destiny.  The cave is all that I’ve ever known.  There will never be an exit.  There will never be a departure into the daylight again.  I am the cave.  I am those people.  I am the darkness.

There are neon lights within each cavern:  Blue, Yellow, Red.  There are children inside the cave.  Those that remind you of yourself, while also annoying the shit out of you.  One of them will bring you to the point of screaming.  They will push you to the point where you never thought you could go.  You are alone with a child that makes you want to reconsider your stance on being pro-choice.  Eventually the cave-dwellers get rid of the children because they know it is counter productive to your progress.  You are no longer a participant.  You are now the experiment.  Your life so far has lead to this moment and you have no idea where it will lead.  You are the cave.  You are the people.  You are the children and the darkness.

Fenway Bark Sucks.