A Day At The Races With The Drizzle And Old No. 22

Non Racing Day. Go Figure.

There are often times in a man’s life when he needs to go where everybody knows his name.  It also helps when they have a personal relationship with a jockey in the fifth race.  So this is where we stood, The Drizzle and Old No. 22.  Burgeoning on the precipice of a new height of degenerate gambling.

We bring you: The Suffolk Downs Bachelor Party!

Balmy with a chance of man-boob

Has anyone seen my son?

Want to know what's in that bag? 40 years of broken promises and disappointment.

Everything in this picture is a loser.

I felt more outside-looking-in than this guy.

Broken dreams...

They were in a heated debate about which jockey's tip was better. I shit you not.

Mu-Ran's uncles, confused, thought they could eat the loser. They ended up at Sizzler.

I felt more out of place than this guy.

Workstation for The Drizzle and Old No. 22

Excuse me ma'm, may I pay you in gold chains?

Look at this fucking Hipster.

It really says it all.

I would love to have seen her strip in her prime.