I am not a Southie!

We here at Sugar Shack Southie are still working on a mission statement of sorts, so this post is just meant to replace the standard, “Hello world!” input that WordPress uses.

I can say, however, that this website was birthed from a discussion about how people refer to South Boston natives as “Southies” or “A Southie.”  Do not be so cavalier with these terms, friends.  A Southie is not someone who owns shell top sneakers, or scally caps.  A Southie is not someone who has tonic with their spuckie.  These are merely people from Southie. These terms were created by people who go to the Beer Garden in their pajamas and call their friends from Appleton Wisconsin saying, “I’m in a Southie Bar!  I’m staring at a Southie right now!”  To true South Bostonians, these words are like nails across Sister Agnes Anne’s blackboard.  So smarten up and cut the crap!