Missing Boner

The Missing Boner

You may have seen our Twitter feed this weekend stating that Boner from Growing Pains is missing. He is 5’5 135 lbs. and answers to the name of BONER.  He may be slightly depressed and/or Canadian,  so do use extreme caution.  If he looks slightly confused, just tell him that Mike Seever told him that Ben and the rest of the family really miss him, and they got rid of Leonardo DiCaprio, so it is safe to come back.  Do not create a fantasy world, however, let him know that Tracy Gold is still throwing up.  By now, he is a veteran of two foreign wars, so he does have Rambo potential.

Dear Bill,

The Mona Lisa

Mr Belichick, we have enough tight ends (ROFL)

Simple post.  Ladainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook are now available.  I do not claim to be a football expert, but please pick up one of these f*&%$in’ douchebags.  I know they are probably past their prime, and riddled with injuries, but another year with Maroney as the featured back will surely end in Moss receiving a pass with Brady’s detached arm landing in 81’s arms…ball in hand of course…

Breaking News: All-Out Death and Destruction on the Political Stage!

What we have here is all-out partisan warfare.

No, I’m not talking about health care reform or the Senate jobs bill. I mean that Democrats and Republicans are engaging in actual battles to the death. Continue reading

Gunn Wisdom, Part 1

“When I was in like 5th grade, I made the mistake of telling my classmates that masturbation was normal. And I think, out of 31 in my class, 26 of us were guys. You know, because it was the gifted class. And I got picked on for that.

A couple months later, when all of them were jacking off like six times a day, none of them ever even bothered to apologize.”

Ted Gunn

Bar Review: The Farragut House

Making your way through the world today, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.

The Happiest Place on The Point

Home of The Classic Cheers Paradigm

By now, I’m sure you are aware of a small neighborhood on the edge of the North American continent called Southie.  In this land, there are many establishments that provide nourishment of the mind, body, and soul.  By far, one of the most charming and sit-comesque is The Farragut House in The Point.

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