Open Season in the Wild West!

As summer turns to fall and college girls go back to wearing sweatpants all day every day, an observant fellow such as myself can’t help but notice there’s an awful damn lot of campaigning on my TV.  Now, I appreciate the American tradition of spirited political debate as much as the next person, but frankly I’m still a little burnt out from the last go round.  It’s like Friday night we were partying in Grant Park, and now it’s Monday again and we have to go back to our miserable jobs at the American Democracy Factory  (where there are no layoffs, just assholes).  Frankly, the prospect of the election cycle climaxing in my living room once again this fall is not really why I pay for cable.

That is, before this!

"Oh yeah? Well, fuck you. I quit."

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Battlefield Southie: The State Rep Candidates Who Love(d) Me

Man, is The Drizzle gonna get in trouble for this one.

If you live in Southie, or come here often for your refills of oxies and heroin, then you’ve come to know three names rather intimately:  Patrick Brennan, Nick Collins, and Michael McGee.  No, these men aren’t distillers of fine scotch and Irish whiskeys, they are candidates for State Representative in Suffolk County’s 4th District.  Now you might ask me, “The Drizzle?!  You’re in the toy department.  You post about dead celebrities, specials, and alcohol(ic) related issues…not politics.  What happened to that fuckthatitude?”  Well I’ll tell you, children.  I’m posting about politics because I now know what it feels like to be a pork loin at a Bar Mitzvah:  Everyone wants a piece of you, but they don’t know how to feel right about it in the morning (“stripper at a bachelor party” and “underage twink at the Tony Awards” are also acceptable analogies).

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Watch Out For the Brown Acid

Our good buddy Scott Brown resurfaced in the news today. Like one of those underground desert tarantulas, he emerged from the dirt and braved the scorching heat of Tea Party chagrin in order to chomp on the tasty winged insect of opportunistic political maverickdom. Continue reading

Listen Up, Fatties

This week, the news broke that our representative in Congress, Stephen Lynch, is a “no” vote on health care reform. He figures the bill doesn’t go far enough.

Now, I’m aware that the Southie precincts all went for Scott Brown, who ran on a promise to vote against the bill, just two months ago. It’s also true that we already have close-to-universal health care in Massachusetts, so at the end of the day, what do we care? Free vicodin and stomach pumps! It’s gonna be a fun weekend. Continue reading

Southie Votes: 4th Suffolk Up for Grabs

While by night I am an uncouth, often disgruntled Sugar Shack blogger, by day I’m a public policy grad student. Since I spend most of my time thinking about politicking and the policies that result from it, it can be tough for me to not bring up political issues at every available opportunity. Nevertheless, I recently made the decision to stay away from discussing politics on the ol’ triple-S, outside of the occasional outing of certain conspiracy theories involving nationwide inter-party guerilla warfare. This really isn’t the place for it.

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Breaking News: All-Out Death and Destruction on the Political Stage!

What we have here is all-out partisan warfare.

No, I’m not talking about health care reform or the Senate jobs bill. I mean that Democrats and Republicans are engaging in actual battles to the death. Continue reading